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Our girls have been given a solid technical foundation, along with the goal setting skills that will apply to every area of lives.

Tiffany Jo Williams


We LOVE Inland Northwest Ballet!! Janine puts her whole heart into 

everything she does and the dancers and families truly benefit from it! 

Our ballerina is in her 8th year at this studio and we couldn’t be happier! 

We love the positive and encouraging environment, the always age 

appropriate costumes, and the attention to every detail!    

Robyn Frost


My 4 year old asks daily if she has dance class because she (and I) absolutely adores Inland Northwest Ballet! The studio is darling, the classes are well structured, the staff is all top notch and organized. I have nothing but positive to say about Janine and our entire experience at Inland Northwest Ballet!

Ashley Cravens


An amazing studio that promotes girl power. We have loved taking lessons there for over 4 years! Miss Janine is the best!     

Jennifer Marion


Attending INB has been the best experience for my daughter. She loves the classes and instructors, has fun and learns technique and discipline every class. I highly recommend this dance studio!

Rhonda Brown


INB treats it’s dancers like family and has a positive, 

encouraging, and uplifting community!

Diana Sinclair


Friendly staff. Excellent instructors!

Maria Sorce


Lovely studio, great instructors, solid training.

Bianca McLellan


Progressive training, instilling discipline and respect while our girls have fun!

Nicole Woods


(Written during lockdown) Thank you ladies for all that you do. With our community faced with Covid - 19, these ladies have recreated classes for their students. They have not only scheduled classes to attend live with their teacher, they have had additional (virtual) gatherings, to help cure the cabin fever of their students. They also made it available for dancers to attend other classes (in addition to their own). The teachers are so encouraging and kind.  My daughter loves to see Ms. Dee weekly, and sometimes will log in to the recorded classes when she misses the live. Again, I can't thank you enough for the Zoom classes and the recreating of EVERYTHING to try to have some normalcy in our lives. I know that it has not been easy and that you can't make everyone happy, so I just want to say thank you and your efforts are appreciated, and all of your attitudes and smiling faces. Can't wait to see you all in person.  Great ballet school for certain.

Venesa Cameron

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