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Giggles & Wiggles, Creative Dance (Ballet or Tap)

for age 2.5 - 6 years

For ages 2.5 - 6 years old., Creative Dance is a magical experience for little ones involving either classical ballet or classical ballet and tap, depending on the class chosen. This class is playful yet structured and taught by patient, nurturing instructors. Using fun props and our most creative imaginations, we jump, twirl, and leap our way toward more developed coordination, greater confidence, better balance, stronger leadership skills, improved counting skills, and more. We learn basic classroom skills, such as following directions, taking turns, working well with others, forming a line, etc. Parents are invited to observe each class through our "Magic Mirror" (one-way glass in our observation room), so that the children may dance inside our ballet studio without distraction...:) 


Contemporary & Modern Dance for Ballet 2 and up

We offer a Contemporary and Modern dance class to enhance our dancer's training and dance experience.  In this class, we will explore many various styles of movement, all of which are building upon our ballet foundation. Having this solid foundation in place before attempting Contemporary or Modern training assures that all students have developed a solid foundation and proper carriage and control of the body.



Classical Ballet
for ages 5 and up,
with pointe work
in levels B5 and above 
For ages 5 and up, our classes follow a creatively structured classical ballet syllabus, following traditional barre and center exercises. Our syllabus is designed to create a solid foundation, developing grace, balance, strength, and flexibility, as well as musicality and the ability to express oneself onstage. Our progressive syllabus assures that one level leads into another for both fun and achievement! Pointe work will be assessed for each dancer individually and explored when dancers reach a level of sufficient strength and maturity. This usually takes place around the age of 11 or 12, when a student has been studying three or more days per week for several years. Boys scholarships are available for ages 7 and up.



Tuition Guide for Classes
Our tuition prices vary on level, session length, and season. Below is a helpful list of what we are currently offering:
2024-2025 Sept. - June class rate:  
All 2024-2025 classes are a monthly tuition with a one time $35 enrollment fee.
Giggles & Wiggles - $65 per month
Creative Dance - $65 per month
Ballet 1-  $65 per month
Ballet 2 (twice a week) - $130 per month*
*All B2 levels and up requires summer hours. Please inquire with our office staff.
2024 Summer Rates:
Summer classes are paid upfront and cover the entire session. No enrollment fee...:)
Giggles & Wiggles - $65
Creative Dance - $65
Ballet 1 - $65
All levels Ballet 2 and up vary on class length, please inquire with our office staff for more information!
2024 Short Session Rates (for Giggles & Wiggles and Creative Dance Classes):
 8-weeks - $135
10-weeks - $160

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