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Giggles & Wiggles for ages 2.5 - 6 (Ballet)

Creative Dance for ages 3- 6 (either Ballet or Tap Dance)

​These classes are full of magical fun and creativity!! 

​Using our imaginations and many fun props that captivate our little's attention, our boys and girls "chasse, skip and jete around the garden", 

as all children naturally love to do!  Our class plan includes many 

different activities to hold a wiggly child's attention, and to fully 

explore with a wide array of movement patterns and musical themes.

We begin with a seated floor warm up to engage listening ears 

and warm up our muscles, then stand to perform ballet 

fundamental exercises geared for young dancers. 

Rather than simply memorizing steps, our children are encouraged

to express themselves through movement in a variety of ways - stretching, bending, extending, contracting, balancing and more!  

Some benefits for the changing bodies of our little ones are

improved focus, balance, spatial awareness, flexibility and coordination.  Equally important for the developing brains of little ones are an appreciation for good music, leadership skills, counting abilities, patience (in this "I want it now" world), and relationship building through social connection.

 We know that all young children have strengths, 

which we like to call their "Super Powers", and we 

strive to find and enhance the "Super Powers" in each child.

Classes are offered at various times on both weekdays and 

Saturdays.  Giggles and Wiggles classes do not perform, however, our Creative Dance class students can perform if they choose to, and will shine 

onstage in our INB performance at the Bing Crosby Theater

in June, which is an absolute delight to watch!

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